• Elk – Excellent hunting in the North Pines and East Pines, about 10 miles away.  Also excellent hunting on the Glade , about 20 miles away.
  • Mule Deer – Excellent hunting in Disappointment Valley, about 30 miles away and good hunting in the elk areas.


  • Numerous lakes of all sizes and small rivers from a 30 to 90 min. drive from the property. Rainbow trout are the most plentiful fish in the area but Bass and Pike are also stocked in some areas.

Indian Ruins

  • Before any explorers or any white prospectors or settlers came to this area, the region was inhabited by the Pueblo Indians known as the Anasazi. Dozens and dozens of their dwelling areas have been uncovered over the years. The most notable of these is Mesa Verde which is about 60 min. from the property to the park entrance. There are many, many more in the area but you will need your hiking boots.


  • One of the prettiest drives anywhere in the country is a 4-hour long circuit from Dove Creek heading Northeast through Disappointment Valley, Norwood, Telluride, Rico, Dolores, and back to Dove Creek.  This drive covers all the varied landscape and formations common to this area of Colorado. A “must do” addition to the trip is a stop at Telluride for a cable car ride into town for lunch and shopping.
  • Another very pretty and all day outing is a trip to Silverton via the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge railroad. The starting point is a 90 min. drive from the property.
  • As for very local jaunts, the area is literally covered with hundreds of miles of back roads of any terrain you wish. These cover the Colorado Plateau and extend into the mountains of the area.